Portrait of artist almenardiaz with his printed op art work "Chromatic Linear Rhythm Series 1-9"
almenardiaz with his work “Chromatic Circular Rhythm Series 1:3”, 2021

Venezuelan born artist, Carlos Almenar Diaz is a French-Australian citizen who has won multiple awards as an established banknote designer and contemporary artist.

Besides his artistic work Carlos is the founder of Banknote Art Concept™, an organisation which values and celebrates the promotion, education, and curation of the artistic and cultural dimension of banknotes and coins. Banknote Art Concept™ supports the holistic research involved in money creation, to their artistic reuse and revalue in the context of “Money Art”.

Carlos has a Bachelor in Graphic Design, majoring in Creative Design, as well as a Bachelor in Journalism from the Design and Social and Communications Sciences University in Caracas and Maracaibo – Venezuela. In 1997, Carlos moved to Lausanne, Switzerland, where he became an accredited banknote designer, at the renowned Swiss Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions Company.

Throughout his 25 years career, Carlos has studied colour theory in particular geometric patterns, extrapolating these concepts into designs seen in banknotes. He created and used chromatic perceptions and patterns across multiple cultures, whilst encompassing communities’ unique representation around the world.

Carlos believes that the dynamism between the design concepts, chromatic theories, and the printing process, makes a perfect synergy between visual design and art. Carlos is the first Venezuelan artist to design an artistic Op-art Swatch® watch on behalf of Venezuela for the “Swatch X You” project at the Dubai World Expo 2020.  

“Colour is a property of our universe. It is a luminous phenomenon, an optical sensation that generates a psychological reaction.”

Carlos Almenar

Op-art is one artistic technique where chromatic phenomenon in space has been deeply investigated. Carlos’s artworks continue to explore and investigate the optical experiments between the phenomenon of colour, visual rhythm, and ourselves.