Splash of colour showcases rhythm

The windows of the Caroline Springs Library have been adorned with new artworks for the summer season, from the mind of Venezuelan born artist Carlos Almenar Diaz.

Throughout his 26 years of design and artistic experience, Carlos has studied colour theory in particular geometric patterns, which has complemented his work as a banknote designer.

Throughout his career, Carlos has designed bank notes for many countries around the world. The series Chromatic Rhythms showcases Carlos’ style of using colour, composition and linear patterns to create “visual rhythm” and movement in static images.

For the library work, Carlos aimed to create a surprising focal point that breaks urban routine, he integrated lines to connect the six hexagons, and used red and green colours to signify the Christmas season.

Carlos said he was impressed to see his artwork finally displayed, exactly as he thought it would be in his first sketches. “I have the habit of knowing that my designs and Art Fiduciaire pieces as banknotes are in the pockets of millions of people, I feel very proud to know that I reflect the culture of countries through the design of banknotes, this is wonderful,” he said. “But the feeling is different when I see my work captured in large public space accessible to the community. I feel very proud that the people can observe, touch and interact freely and spontaneously with my art, without any social and cultural limitations, this is the magic of art.”

Article published by Melton & Moorabool Star Weekly on 19/12/2023 | Photo: ©almenardiaz